The resources listed below provide you with access to warrants searches; jail locations; inmate searches; and other links that may be useful to you.

If you would like to see if you or someone else has a warrant, use the links below to search for warrants that have been entered into the Florida Crime Information Center Public Access System.

Florida Statewide Warrants Search
Okaloosa County Warrants Search

What to do if you have a warrant:

How to avoid the ride to jail in the back of a police car

The first call that you should make is to Central Bail Bonds . (850) 981-5400

We can prearrange your bail and you can avoid sitting in jail for the day. We will write a bond and go with you to rapid intake.  There you will be processed and given a court date. You will avoid the ride to jail in the back of a police car and often the process takes less than 30 minutes.

Jails inmate locator The links below will help you locate inmates and get arrest and bond information on inmates.

Local Jails in our immediate service area (please know that we can make bail for almost any county)


Prison System

Search for convicted offenders in the state system


The links below lead to the clerks of court where you can look up specific information on a case such as court dates, bail bond amounts, case status and upcoming events.

All Florida Clerks of Court

Local Courts in our immediate service area (please know that we can make bail for almost any county)

Okaloosa County Clerk of Court


Court Opinions and Case Law:

EASY BAIL BONDS, Appellant, v. POLK COUNTY | Central Bail Bonds

The sole question on appeal is whether Polk County can charge bail bondsmen a predetermined flat fee as a condition of setting aside a bond forfeiture to cover the “payment of costs and the expenses incurred in returning the defendant to the county of jurisdiction.” § 903.26(8), Fla. Stat. (1999).  The trial court held that the County could assess a predetermined flat fee in every case.   We reverse because the statutes at issue require an individual determination of costs in each case. (They can’t charge a flat fee)



Eight Judicial Circuit Administrative Order On Bail Bond Actions (Motions / Petitions )


BILL #: CS/CS/HB 361 Bail Bonds
SPONSOR(S): Judiciary Committee, Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Santiago

Bail is a common monetary condition of pretrial release, governed by ch. 903, F.S. Bail requires an arrestee to
pay a set sum of money to the court to be released from jail. As an alternative to posting the entire bail amount,
a defendant may use a criminal surety bail bond executed by a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent is generally
enlisted by paying a nonrefundable fee to the bond agent equal to 10 percent of the bond amount set by the
court. If the defendant does not appear in court, the bail bond agent is responsible for paying the entire amount
of the bond. This contract acts as an insurance policy against the risk that the defendant will not abide by the
conditions of his or her release.